London Urban Sketchers @Alexandra Palace 

It was brilliant to meet at Alexandra Palace with the London Urban Sketchers today. The Ice Rink was a great place to practice gesture sketching with my new dip pen. It was a challenging sketch with all the skaters moving around so fast, it felt like you had 0.00000001 of second to capture them whilst... Continue Reading →

Carmel Campbell – Sketcher Interview

A great thing about sketching is finding like-minded people around the world who share the same passion. A passion to steal small moments from daily life and take pen to paper to capture the world around you. I am very excited to feature Carmel Campbell's amazing work here, her blog is wonderful and her daily commitment... Continue Reading →

From the Car

I really enjoy sketching houses from the comfort of my car. For me, good perspective really helps to bring a sketch together but it can slow me down especially when I like to work quickly and loosely as possible. I admire sketchers who can work quickly as well maintain great perspective. Liz Steel, Stephenie Bower... Continue Reading →

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