London Urban Sketchers @Alexandra Palace 

It was brilliant to meet at Alexandra Palace with the London Urban Sketchers today. The Ice Rink was a great place to practice gesture sketching with my new dip pen. It was a challenging sketch with all the skaters moving around so fast, it felt like you had 0.00000001 of second to capture them whilst... Continue Reading →

Gesture and People Sketching

I prefer sketching buildings over people but I was inspired by the challenge to sketch 100 people in one week. I tried to give this challenge a good try and even though I didn't get anywhere near 100 people, I developed an interest for capturing people and gestures. Suddenly, watching people took on a new... Continue Reading →

Urban Sketching @ Tate Modern

This weekend I joined the London Urban Sketchers Group to sketch views of London from the Tate Modern. It was a lovely sunny day but extremely cold. The Urban Sketchers group is an amazing group of talent and there is a huge degree of comfort to see other sketchers around you while you sketch. I... Continue Reading →

Carmel Campbell – Sketcher Interview

A great thing about sketching is finding like-minded people around the world who share the same passion. A passion to steal small moments from daily life and take pen to paper to capture the world around you. I am very excited to feature Carmel Campbell's amazing work here, her blog is wonderful and her daily commitment... Continue Reading →

Abstract Realism

I struggle to paint realistically and drawing detail stops the fun of sketching and painting especially if you haven't got much patience - like me! Recently, sitting down with my paintbrush became hard work because I was becoming a slave  to detail.  So, I decided to make a change, let loose and just paint with... Continue Reading →

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