Gesture and People Sketching

I prefer sketching buildings over people but I was inspired by the challenge to sketch 100 people in one week. I tried to give this challenge a good try and even though I didn't get anywhere near 100 people, I developed an interest for capturing people and gestures. Suddenly, watching people took on a new... Continue Reading →


Family Break 

After a very long time, we managed to get away from London and enjoy some family time together.  It wasn't the best weekend to pick as it was absolutely freezing with snow and rain. However, I managed to find some time to sketch while the children enjoyed playing - bliss! I am still keeping it... Continue Reading →

Sketching People

Grant yourself the freedom to have fun, instead of being chained to a slavish need for realism Lynne Chapman from her book 'Sketching People' I enjoy sketching buildings and objects but when it comes to people  my palms start to sweat and my pen just can't be controlled. The faces look wonky, eyes look odd and... Continue Reading →

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