Sketching in Cornwall

We headed down to Cornwall for our family holiday and it would have been a sin (as a sketcher) not to pack my sketchbook and attempt to paint a little bit of Cornwall. Cornwall is beautiful, and I can see why it's a popular destination for Artists. The beaches, boats, the lighthouse, the rocky shore... Continue Reading →


Sketching Family 

Sometimes, I look around me and struggle to find something interesting to sketch. Today, my mum became an interesting subject. Although, she wasn't completely happy about this (folded arms gives it away!) I really enjoyed trying to sketch her unimpressed look.    

Lego Fire Engine 

Being a busy mum of two I don't have much opportunity to sketch outside or go travelling to exotic destinations with my sketchbook and watercolours in hand. Instead, I take inspiration from my everyday which can be anything from a laundry basket full of dirty clothes to a fire engine made from Lego. These are... Continue Reading →

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