Sketching @ Home

January has been cold, wet and devoid of any sunshine and so taking my sketchbook out just hasn't happened. Instead, I found some time to sketch our 10 year old shoe cabinet. It was one of the first pieces of furniture we brought as a married couple. Today, we are dismantling this and replacing it... Continue Reading →


Happy Accidents 

From seeing the colours to smelling the scent, flowers in a vase are a fragment of beauty. I wanted to take a moment and capture my lovely flowers with a quick sketch. I was feeling brave so sketched straight away with black ink only to find out the ink was not waterproof when I added... Continue Reading →

Green and Red Chillies

Growing up I could not eat any dishes if any form of hotness is added to them. My poor mum had to make our Indian meals twice one pot with a heavy dose of chilli and the other pot with none. However, only recently I have really enjoyed my meals with a few chillies chopped... Continue Reading →

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