De-cluttering sketching pens and pencils

Christmas is over and 2019 is almost here, so what better way to bring in the New Year by decluttering my sketching kit! In my quest to find the 'magic' pen or pencil I have acquired so many that I can now open a stationary shop! However, what I have noticed is having so many... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Home!

This month has been crazy busy as we are moving home! And at the moment we are surrounded by boxes upon boxes of stuff! A few of these boxes are all my art supplies. I didn't realise the amount of art materials I have gathered over the years - brushes, ink, sketchbooks (most empty!), pencils,... Continue Reading →

Sketching Small

February has been pretty cold here in London and so I've not really ventured out to sketch. Instead, I have embraced sketching small and the everyday items around me. This month, I have also been reading some fantastic books by established and amazing Urban Sketchers. If you are new to Urban Sketching or want to... Continue Reading →

Quick Sketching 

It's been a busy few weeks. I've been trying to sketch daily, learning at Sketchbook Skool on their Exploring course and reading all about Urban Sketching - and breathe! I came across a habit app which tracks anything you like and for me it was sketching daily.  I managed to sketch for 13 days in... Continue Reading →

Quick Sketching 

I've read in order to sketch more you should keep your sketch book and pen with you at all times and keep your sketching materials simple enough so you can carry it without them weighing you down. So, I have decided to exclusively work with four items for the next few weeks in an attempt... Continue Reading →

Sketching Sweden – Brevik

This is my first ever travel sketch completed on location in beautiful Sweden. It was an absolute joy to sit and fully absorb the moment and sketch the beautiful scenery around me. I started out in pencil due to nerves and slowly worked it up to pen and watercolour. It probably took 45 minutes to... Continue Reading →

Travel Watercolour

It has been a while since I have been using my custom made watercolour travel set and I love it! It's really compact and holds 24 half pans (I need my colours!). I don't see myself changing this set ever. Using the 12 half pan Schmincke set, 12 empty half pans and some blue tak... Continue Reading →

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