Sketching using Procreate

Despite feeling like I’m cheating on my sketchbook and watercolours, I love sketching on Procreate. I have loads to learn which will take some time but the ease of using Procreate and having an entire art shop in your back pocket is wonderful.

I quickly sketched daddy with my little one for as long as they stayed still! Having an undo button does make managing your mistakes easier but then I do miss not having to work with a mistake especially if I was using a pen. I guess there is no comparison between the traditional vs the tech method, both are a different way of capturing the world but ignite the same feeling of being in the moment. I can literally lose hours of the day when I’m in the sketching flow which is helpful when we are staying at home.

I’m planning to start a mini project of drawing birds as a way of learning to use this gadget better and to learn more about birds. Below is a sketch of an Artic Tern which took hours to create but I enjoyed every minute experimenting with the vast capabilities of Procreate.

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