Sketching to keep sane!

I have to admit when the lockdown was first announced I did think I will use all my free time to sketch. I had grand plans to sketch all the items in my home, the rooms, use google maps and even take a course (hah!). The reality is I’ve done nothing and in fact spent all my free time trying to keep my shit together – homeschooling the kids, working, cooking the 978th meal of the day, cleaning, and waiting for 6pm so I can inhale a gallon of gin and numb everything that is going on.

But then I stumbled on Danny Gregory’s Instagram page @dannyobadiah and instantly was captured by his amazing sketches on his iPad and that was it. And, that’s all it took for me to completely convince myself to purchase iPad and the Apple Pencil. It’s the same agonising process I go through when I convince myself to buy another dip pen (Do I need it? Is it really necessary? Do I need another dip pen?), and so after days of deliberating I spent an obscene amount of money on a gadget in the hope I will sketch just like Danny.

At first, I wasn’t sure but now I’m hooked. Procreate, the app I’m using is literally like having an entire art shop in your pocket. I kind of knew the basics having a little understanding of Photoshop and by using layers, I sketched my favourite building near Borough Market whilst sitting on the sofa with the kids around me and the TV blaring. It was bliss even though it was for a few moments. Although, it is different to ink and paper, it doesn’t have the same tactile feeling and I have no idea how to paint but the process and being in the moment is the same.

I’ve enrolled myself (I know!) in a course created by Danny at Sketchbook Skool and I’m looking forward to learning another way to sketch moments. More importantly, my little moments of sketching are keeping me sane. Join me @biralsketch on Instagram if you want to see more of my sketches.

Stay well (and safe).

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