Sketching during lockdown

It feels like a lifetime ago since my last post in February – life feels so different. In the UK, we are staying at home to help stop the virus infecting more people which for some are sadly losing their lives.

I’m a homely type of girl and so staying indoors is not a challenge, but being around my ‘lovely’ family which includes two small energetic children whilst attempting to work from home has been nothing short of exhausting.

I honestly haven’t thought much about sketching, until I stumbled across a Facebook post asking children to paint rainbows and stick it on their window so that other children going for a walk can spot them. I thought this was a lovely idea and so we gathered my many (unused) expensive watercolour supplies and attempted to paint a rainbow with my children (why not!?) And, I have to admit I thought it would be really easy but actually it was quite a challenge!

My daughter loves drawing (takes after me) and she really enjoyed using all my pens and pencils which I normally hide away! We decided to gather some leaves from the garden and we took the time to sketch them. It’s amazing how much detail a leaf has with the many colours and textures when you take the time to stop and really look.

Taking those 5 minutes out from our hectic home life was much needed and using a natural dip pen made out of bamboo to sketch a leaf was a great experience. Using this pen helped to capture how such a small and simple piece of nature is amazingly beautiful.

I’m hoping my love for sketching will help pull me through the months ahead. I’m hoping to spend more time sketching items at home and the view from our windows. I will post mostly on Instagram page.

Stay safe all.

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