Goodbye 2019

2019 honestly felt like the fastest year on record ever. Perhaps it’s a symptom of ageing that years begin to pass by quickly, or the fact it was just a crazy busy year. There was so much we packed in: renovating our home (still ongoing!), family holidays, going back to work full time and generally running after the kids whilst managing their hectic schedules.

In this busyness my sketching amongst my other loves in life like yoga didn’t happen as much. But when I did find time to sketch it was like coming home and more so when I used my dip pen. There is something special when I sketch with a dip pen – despite owning 100s of pens nothing feels the same. The line variation and flexibility a dip pen gives to a sketch is amazing. My recent sketch was done sitting in the warmth of my local library sketching the view from the window – my sketch was a little wonky in places and my perspective wasn’t brilliant, but it didn’t matter as I just went with the flow with my dip pen and accepted my mistakes as they happened.

2020 is my fifth year of blogging and sketching – I know – I’m surprised I’ve kept it up for this long! In the past few years, I’ve accumulated what feels like at least a thousand different pens and pencils, and a number of sketching books.

And so, looking ahead to 2020, I want to take the time to revisit these books and courses from my favourite sketchers.

January and February – I love sketching buildings and plan to start the year with brushing up my perspective with Stephenie Bower and Liz Steel.

March and April – I love Marc Taro Holmes and he was a huge inspiration for me when i was starting out on my sketching journey. I want to spend these months revisiting his book and blog.

May and June – I’m in awe of all his sketches so what better way to spend these months reviewing Felix Scheinberger and his books.

July and August – He saw sketching akin to mindfulness which resonates for me so I want to reread all my books from Frederick Frank.

September and October – I love Danny Gregory, his story and his sketches. As autumn sets in revisiting Danny would be a great source of inspiration.

November and December – saving my favourite for the end which is Suhita Shirodkar. She is a prolific sketcher and my first inspiration to start sketching.

I’m looking forward to 2020 – wishing you all a wonderful New Year.

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