Stealing Sketching Moments

I’ve been reading a book by Eckhart Tolle, which talks about the importance of being present. It’s an amazing book and one which is life changing. However, for those that know me, being present is something I find difficult, mostly because my attention span is similar to that of a fish, and generally I’m so very easily distracted.

But, when I’m Sketching being present happens so naturally. I’m not forcing myself to be in the moment or remembering not to think about the past or future. My only focus is what I’m looking at and how I’m capturing it.

This got me thinking. Sketching is another way of meditating for me. It’s the only time where I’m truly me. Racing thoughts shut down and I can simply be; simply be with my pen and paper. Ironically, it’s the only place where I don’t judge my sketches as I’ve learnt over the years it’s the end result that truly matters. It’s the only place where I let mistakes go or try and turn them into something better.

Sketching is my special place, the only time where I’m in the flow, and where I’m present with a silent mind.

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