Sketching Break

I have to admit this is the first time in many months where I haven’t sketched anything or even thought about sketching. House renovations and life in general has completed zapped my energy and my time; and because of this my sketching has completely halted.

This blog has become a little record of my life, and I am keen to keep posting here even if it’s as little as once a month. Today is the last day of June, and not wanting to break my chain – I quickly found my sketchbook, blew the dust away and set to sketch anything I could find. As we went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday (to celebrate my birthday), Buzz Lightyear immediately caught my eye. It ‘seemed’ like the easiest toy to draw but oh boy was I wrong!

Okay, I admit, the sketch is terrible. I had to remember how to hold my pencil and simultaneously switch on my drawing brain, by the time these two were in the ‘flow’ the children were home and that was that!

I am hoping (like every month) next month will be better – fingers are crossed.

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