Sketching People

This month was the, ‘One Week, 100 people’ challenge, unfortunately, similar to previous years I didn’t take part. This is because this week coincided with school holidays and I couldn’t find the time in between laundry and entertaining (shouting at) my lovely children! I promise next year I will take part!

However, I did spend time drawing people using a website called, ‘Quickposes‘. This is a great site and helps you to practice sketching people in various poses quickly.

I also went back to my local life drawing class which I really enjoyed even though it was the longest time I’ve sat still and concentrated on just sketching in a long time! But I took the opportunity to experiment with various mediums – pencil, ink and watercolour. It was the first time I painted directly with watercolour and really enjoyed the thrill of painting naked (without a pencil underline) and actually liked the outcome and the process of not really knowing what the end result will look like.

I’ve been enjoying reading Kees Van Aalst blog and his book, ‘Abstract Realism‘. Often, I am so busy trying to recreate ‘like for like’ or photo realistic drawings it takes away creative fun and so being more abstract is liberating. It’s definitely an area I will be exploring more in my drawings and paintings. Below is an abstract version of my sketches done in Italy.

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