Urban Sketching in the Cold

It has been such a long time since I have sketched and I know I say this every month, this time it’s true!! I joined the London Urban Sketchers group at the Barbican as a way of forcing myself to sketch and it was great to take pen to paper especially with fellow sketchers around me. I started by drawing the church and as you can see it was terrible!! I have noticed if you don’t draw often you do lose your sketching skills very quickly. However, once I warmed up, I tackled perspective which I really enjoyed and was pretty pleased it looked okay!

I am trying to keep my sketchbook and kit with me and as I was passing Trafalgar Square the other day, I stopped and drew the scene in front of me. Despite it being extremely cold, I enjoyed sketching so much I forgot my fingers were numb!

I have also signed up to Sketchbook Skool and have been assigned a great mentor (@di.metcalf) who is helping me to cultivate a daily drawing habit. She is great and I have received some useful tips. It really does make a difference having someone to push you along on your creative path!

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