Life Drawing

life drawing

My lovely arty friend has been going to life drawing which she absolutely loves. I honestly never thought life drawing was for me as  seeing another naked body would be erm slightly awkward! Anyway, after seeing her amazing sketches, I decided to put my nervousness to one side and found a local life drawing group.

After the initial shock of seeing a naked body in front of me, it was one of the most amazing drawing experiences I’ve had and I am absolutely hooked!

life drawing2

“With life drawing, we experience both ourselves and otherness. To enter this state awakens us to visual, emotional, physical, mental and social involvement. Our perceptions of others and of ourselves, long hidden away, are illuminated and enter into our sympathetic, insightful seeing.” Complete Guide to Life Drawing – Gottfried Bammes


The atmosphere was calm yet fascinating as all artists gathered around this very still yet breathing human form (beautiful model) and sketched away. Everyone was really polite and extremely talented, I was told I need to sketch bigger and that my small A4 sketchbook won’t allow for the freedom to draw freely and loosely. So, any excuse to buy art materials and I am there – I have now armed myself with A3 sketchbook, charcoals, pencils and can’t wait to go again!

As  I am an absolute beginner to life drawing, I am also reading, ‘Complete Guide to Life Drawing’ to get my head around the basics. So, if you have been thinking about life drawing, I would say don’t hesitate and give it a go!


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