Summer Sketching

June has been a month of glorious sunshine in London and I’ve enjoyed using my blackwing pencil and watercolours.

My sketching this month has been inspired by Paul Wang, his use of continuous line and loose watercolours are a dance on paper. If you are on instagram, check out his work by following ‘paulwang_sg’ or see his website here.

I normally prefer to use ink for my sketches but ever since using a blackwing pencil it has become my favourite sketching tool. The lines I can create feel less restrictive and it’s lighter to carry around! It’s also harder to create finer lines without having to constantly sharpen the pencil which forces me to simplify my drawing by focusing on the bigger shapes.

This month, I have also been less restrictive and mixed up my sketching with some urban sketching, illustrating yoga poses and sketching using photos. By going with the flow like this I am definitely sketching so much more.

Next month I am planning to explore more abstract watercolour painting using shapes and colours and of course make the most of our weather!



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  1. I just saw this. Yes to the whole pencil idea. I bought a 6mm lead holder in Bath a few years back, and am finding it is good for sketching, even shading, then going over with watercolor, a whole different experience.


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