Sketching from Photos

I love Urban Sketching because being outside in the environment and capturing scenes in your sketchbook is a sensory heaven. But this also means I have millions of excuses not to sketch such as having the kids around me (they never let me sketch!), not having the time and as this excuse list is never-ending I will stop here!

I’ve always put a restriction on myself not to sketch from photo references because it feels like I am cheating or infringing on copyright issues but after finding Pixabay, a great site for finding copyright free photos, I’ve done the unthinkable and sketched using photos and I love it! Also, sketching from photos means I can experiment with my process, sketch in the evening when the kids are sleeping and use watercolour freely without having to rush.

It is perfect timing as Marc Taro Holmes is launching 30x30DirectWatercolour2018 challenge for June and you can use photos as long as you paint something everyday. Ideally, you should paint directly with watercolour but I think I will use a pencil to sketch out the lines beforehand. I will definitely take part as best as I can as potentially we might be moving house next month! If you fancy joining in, check out his blog for more information.

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  1. I purposely look forward to sketching from photos that I took on a trip. When I do I relive a bit of the experience. It allows me to extend past trips into the present.

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