Sketching Break!

Life has been so busy with a house move, stressful job, crazy kids and a never ending to-do list that my sketching attempts have been completely abandoned.

I wish I could sketch daily but for some reason it is just not happening. So, I am allowing myself to have a break, enjoy the pause and hopefully my creativity will come back and maybe the sun too (so cold here in London)!

I don’t want to force myself to sketch because it’s something I enjoy and I hate for this to become a chore. So instead, I have been using this time to read a selection of my favourite Urban Sketching books. I find just flicking through a book and seeing sketches from so many talented urban sketchers is so inspirational and relaxing.

David Gentleman, Felix Scheinberger, Danny Gregory, Stephenie Bower are some my favourites. For me, the ultimate comfort book is ‘The Zen of Seeing’ drawn and handwritten by Frederick Franck in 1973! It really captures the spirit of sketching and why I enjoy it so much. He describes sketching as an activity to embrace the moment and to see the world as new – sums it up so well.

Hopefully, next month I will be able to sketch more until then I will enjoy reading about it!

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