Draw London 

draw london1

September has been a very busy month and my sketching has been gathering some serious amount of dust. But, this month has ended on a sketching high with Francine Lawrence and Susi Hoyle on their amazing course, ‘Draw London’ with City Academy.

We gathered in the morning at Tate Modern in London and sketched our day as a story. Sketches started simple with just our coffee cup promptly followed by sketching the architecture within Tate Modern. Late morning, we moved outside to sketching St Paul’s and people walking along the embankment. The day ended with sketching our late lunch. We also shared our sketching tools which ranged from the simple pencil to more sophisticated water-soluble brush pens – always so fascinating to see what fellow sketchers use.

Both Francine Lawrence and Susi Hoyle were engaging, extremely approachable and knowledgeable. I walked away with many great insights on how to improve my sketches, a few of them are listed below:

– Try not to draw the whole picture but part of a picture this avoids being overwhelmed with having to fit an entire scene on a page. Using a view finder really helps with this.

– Using vertical and horizontal lines will help with placing your sketch on the page, perspective and proportion.

– Be brave and start with ink as it’s okay to have multiple lines. Sketching is not about complex detail but having fun and learning from your mistakes.

If you are in London I highly recommend courses run by Francine and Susi.  They have inspired me to pick up my pen more often as this wonderful course helped me to remember sketching is all about enjoying the process and not creating a masterpiece –  something I forgot in September! I will definitely be returning to learn from them again – details of courses they run can be found on their website here. Hopefully see you there!

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