Sketching People


One of the best places to sketch people are those in a museum as they stay still long enough for you sketch them. I stumbled across an art class taking place at the museum and I was able to sketch them sketching!! It is so fascinating to see how sketcher’s look at their subjects and the facial expressions and eye movements they make as they sketch lines in their sketchbooks, so completely lost in the moment.  I probably look exactly the same when others watch me sketching.

I really enjoyed sketching this as I worked in a large (A4) sketchbook and with a dip pen. I normally work in small (A5) sketchbook and I realised how much looser a sketch can be when you have more space. However, at the same time, it is nerve-wrecking as there is more space to sketch mistakes.

There are some parts of this sketch I really like such as the woman sitting on a stool with her back facing towards me, I find sketching people from the back so much easier! And some parts I don’t like such as the perspective or size of the first statue to the second, which I only noticed when I looked at the photo.

June has been a quiet month for sketching and after feeling less motivated to grab my pen, I decided that maybe sometimes, it is good to rest, reflect and recharge. Hoping for more sketches next month.


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