Quick Sketching 


It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been trying to sketch daily, learning at Sketchbook Skool on their Exploring course and reading all about Urban Sketching – and breathe!

I came across a habit app which tracks anything you like and for me it was sketching daily.  I managed to sketch for 13 days in a row with this app – it was great to have some momentum and not wanting to break the chain I would find some time to sketch in my day even if it was very quick. The sketch above I did super quickly at our local park with the kids running round me. I sketched this on a new sketchbook called  Hahnemühle ‘Nostalgie’ Sketch Book available from ArtDiscount here in the UK. The paper is smooth and ink just glides on – definitely will be my favourite sketchbook. Here is another quick sketch – a view from our home of Crystal Palace Transmitting Station.

The ‘Exploring Course’ at Sketchbook Skool is brilliant, each week we have a new teacher exploring how they sketch, we get to see their sketchbooks, understand materials they use and see them sketch. So far, we have had Danny Gregory, Lynne Chapman, Nina Johansson and Brian Butler – all are so talented and inspiring. Next week it is Felix Scheinberger and I am beyond excited as I absolutely love his work!

Finally, I’ve been reading through all he Urban Handbook guides and these small books are full of inspiration with beautiful sketches. It makes me want to grab my kit and go urban sketching. I am also thinking to copy these sketches to get a feel of the line and how it was created. This is what Felix Scheinberger recommends as it helps you to understand composition and what the artist saw.   That’s all for May.

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