Unfinished Sketch 

I miss out on so many sketching moments every day even though I carry my sketching kit everywhere I go. So far, there was the queue I was standing in, at the soft play centre, on my commute, at the coffee shop, drinking my tea at home, whilst the kids were playing and many more.

Upon self reflection, I realised I’ve made sketching into a chore and it’s become just another thing ‘to do’ on my forever growing ‘to do’ list. Reflecting like this helped me to think about why I love sketching and why I make the effort to carry my sketching kit everywhere. Here are just some of the reasons I can think of:

  • Sketching helps my brain to switch off and really relax. All that matters is my paper, pen and what I am seeing.
  • I enjoy taking pen to paper and becoming lost in how to construct my sketch.
  • It helps me to see. I mean really see what’s in front of me.
  • Sketching allows me to capture moments from Daily Life and to have a visual log of these moments is amazing.
  • I’ve accepted that I am creative and I thrive on creating.
  • Sketching helps me to be more mindful and with this I become very aware of my surroundings in a different way.
  • This reason is slightly ‘out there’ but I feel that the everyday and life around me becomes art when I sketch.

So for me, I feel sketching shouldn’t be a chore but a way of being and seeing. Being creative is  something I need to do rather than a ‘to do’ –  as some might say it feeds the soul!

Yesterday, I finally took my sketching kit out and sketched whilst enjoyed my morning Earl Grey at the same time. It felt great. Even though, I couldn’t finish it and it’s definitely not a masterpiece I’ve realised it’s not about the end result but the process that really matters. 

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