Urban Sketchers London 

St PancrasCanal Museam

This weekend, my friend and I joined the London Urban Sketchers crawl for the first time. In the morning, I was surprised to see how many like minded sketchers attended and it was great to meet everyone.

We started by sketching St Pancras and after lunch we sketched the canal near Granary Square.

It was fabulous to sketch as a group and to see so many wonderful sketches from the morning and the afternoon.


The sketches were amazing and so many different approaches and styles. I was so absorbed by the sketches on display I forgot to show mine!

At the end of the day, we got to speak to the London Corrspondants – James Hobbs and Lis Watkins. Being a big fan of their blogs and James’s book, ‘Sketch Your World’, it was a real treat to meet them in person.

I am already looking forward to the next sketch crawl. If you are a sketcher and live in London – grab those pencils, pens and brushes and come join us! It’s great fun – find out more here. 


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    1. Thank you Helena :)) I will definitely bring my pens and pencils to sketch your street. To have my sketch on your wall would be amazing!!!


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