Sketching on Location 


This sketch will always be very special. It’s my first sketch outside in a public place and not from the comfort of my car or kitchen! My arty friend and I escaped our children for the morning and went to the V&A in London.

After having a good look around at this amazing museum and summing up the courage we found our perfect sketching spot. Even though people were walking around, I didn’t feel awkward or nervous as I was so deeply focused on getting my lines straight. I have to admit I even did the artist thing of stretching my arm with my pencil so I can get my measurements right!

Now, when I see this sketch I can remember exactly  what I was doing, how I was feeling, the music that was playing and sounds I was hearing. I guess being able to remember these small details makes sketching everything around you especially out in the real world so special and addictive! I am hoping to step out into the real world with my sketchbook a lot more.


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    1. Thank you Carmel. Ah – I will look into the zoom. There are so many lovely things to sketch in London and often I forget what’s just on my doorstep. You must visit soon for a sketching trip 🙂


  1. Isn’t it incredible how sketching really binds you to the moment? I find when ever I look back at a sketch, it magically transports me back to the moment.

    Be brave! Step out and about into the work armed with your sketchbook! 🙂

    Happy sketching!

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    1. Thank you missyjean – I have recently brought a small moleskine scribbler book to carry around and sketch whenever I can – thinking to aim with filling one up every month!

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      1. Awesome! I always do a front page when I get a new sketchbook with my name, address (if it gets lost, you want it to come back!) and a “reward if returned”. Good luck!

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