Happy Accidents 


From seeing the colours to smelling the scent, flowers in a vase are a fragment of beauty. I wanted to take a moment and capture my lovely flowers with a quick sketch. I was feeling brave so sketched straight away with black ink only to find out the ink was not waterproof when I added watercolour  – doh!

As I noticed my black lines mixing into my paint my thoughts went like this in no logical order (I am very sorry for the swearing):

  • Shit, shit, shhhiiittttttttt!
  • Oh no it’s bloody ruined!
  • Might as well throw it in the bin!
  • Shit!
  • Maybe, if I dab my paint..
  • Okay maybe this is working..
  • Looks even more shit now!
  • What’s the point?
  • Give up!
  • Actually it’s not to bad.
  • Maybe, it will look better in the morning..
  • What am I doing it’s almost midnight….go to sleep…

I am so glad I carried on and didn’t throw it away as it looked okay in the morning. I think this is what ‘artists’ call a happy accident!


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