Sketching People


Grant yourself the freedom to have fun, instead of being chained to a slavish need for realism Lynne Chapman from her book ‘Sketching People’

I enjoy sketching buildings and objects but when it comes to people  my palms start to sweat and my pen just can’t be controlled. The faces look wonky, eyes look odd and the bodies resemble anything other than human!

‘Sketching People’ by Lynne Chapman is brilliant and unlike any other ‘How to Draw People’ books it is vibrant, bright and choked full of hints and tips. In fact, she makes sketching people feel less daunting and more fun to the point you are itching to grab the nearest pencil and just draw.

It really goes beyond techniques and allows you to connect your lines in a fun and  playful way. The numerous examples and sketches  from other artists makes this book a visual feast for your eyes.

It will certainly be a prized possession on my book shelf for many years to come. More importantly, I feel I have much needed confidence to embrace people sketching with less sweaty palms!

Sketch of my little one


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  1. Good for you for taking on the challenge! The good new is practice brings improvement and always a surprise. The sketch of your little one is pretty sweet.

    Keep it up, and thanks for following my blog! I am currently taking on the challenge of drawing people as well.

    Happy sketching!

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